Sunday, March 15, 2009

An update of epic sorts

So I haven’t updated in a LONG time. I’m sorry. I guess I’ll do a short recap of all of the places I’ve been and all of the things that I’ve seen:

Paris- What a wonderful first independent travel weekend. There was six of us traveling together, and we rented a SWANK apartment in the 4th district which was really very cool. We hit up all the major Paris sites (Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Versilles, Eiffel Tower) we also rode on the carousel in the gardens (twice), had the best food of my life, and did a lot of walking and exploring the city. We all got home safe, tired, but I know I felt pretty confident in my ability to travel.

Dublin- I liked Dubin, although it certainty was not my favorite city. It was a big group that I traveled in, nine, which was really silly. We stayed in a shit hole hostel. Really, the grossest place I have ever seen. We were in a 20 bed dorm, which also was very silly, but we survived which was nice. In Dublin we took a sight seeing bus tour which was good fun, we had photoshoots in St. Stephen’s Garden, toured the Guinness Storehouse, saw Trinity College, then Cherlynn and I went out dancing at this silly club called the Button Factory. The next day we wanted to get out of the city (because we didn’t get the chance to make our way out to Galway) so we went to Howth, a little fishing town about 30 min north of the city. Howth was so fun. We hiked along these gorgeous cliffs, ate fish and chips, walked around. It was wonderful. There were about three major photographers who came on the trip with me, so there are over 100 pictures of me from Dublin being stupid. After we got back from Howth Stella, Katie Jo, Cher and I went on a pub crawl, which was not the drunken debauchery that you would think, it was more of the three of us laughing at all of the silliness around us. Then it was an early flight home on Sunday.

Switzerland- By far, the most beautiful place that I have been thus far, maybe even in my entire life… also my favorite weekend trip. It’s going to be hard to top. We went to Interlaken. As far as Interlaken goes—the town was adorable, quaint, exactly what I would picture a town in the Swiss Alps to be. As far as the people though, it was a lot of young American college students (in fact there was a huge group of students from Penn State staying at our hostel) We also traveled in a group of nine that weekend, but we kind of split up into two, because four of the people we were with were skiing and snowboarding, and the other five, myself included went sky diving.
Now how did I come to skydive? Before leaving for Europe I never thought I would skydive. I knew that I was going to Switzerland, and I also was pretty confident that I was going to paraglide or do something of the sort (because if my grandmother could do it, I could too) but our first week at the Kasteel, Rosie and I were talking (Rosie wasn’t really a good friend of mine before the Castle, but has become one of my constant travel companions and close friends… just a side note) and we decided that we were going to skydive, and once I made the promise to do it, I had to. More and more people then tacked on the to trip, which was surprising because it was the weekend of Carnivale (which I will get to in the min) and we could have been dangerously close to missing the parade.
Skydiving was the best thing I have ever done. I was shitting my pants on he bus ride over to the site, but once we got into that plane I was feeling good. I had a wonderful British man named Dave strapped to my back who did back flips with me as we fell out of the plane. It’s hard to explain what it felt like… but I think that it changed me. I want to do it again and again.
The next day, the five of us who didn’t go skiing went to see the lakes. They were awe-inspiring. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of them. It was just the perfect moment with wonderful company.

Carnivale (same weekend as Switzerland)- we left Interlaken on Saturday night and returned back to Well early Sunday morning, just in time for the craziness of Carnivale. Basically, Carnivale is three days of crazy drinking and partying in Well. The best part about Carnivale is how much the town of Well embraced the Kasteel kids. They love when we walk in the Parade, and they told us that our Kasteel group really turned it up. Our theme was “Netherlands, Emerson style” which really just gave the chance to dress up the silliest as we can. Over 60 of us walked in the parade, and we won third place because of it. We’re the best. Clearly.

Brussels: The next weekend was a 24 hour romp to Brussels. We were only there for a short time because it was the weekend before midterms and I wanted to study, and Rosie was on duty so she had to be back. There were a lot of Emerson students in Brussels that weekend and we all ran into each other at the same time in the main square. I loved Brussels, which was surprising because from what I have heard from people, reviews of the city seemed lack luster. It was very grungy, but not in a gross way. I also worked my French while we were there. It was rocking. Besides the awesome architecture, and interesting museums, by far the four best thing that Brussels had to offer was the Cherry Beer (which tasted like soda), the chocolate, French fries and the waffles. I’m about 95% sure that I saw every single person’s O face that I was with when we ate the waffles. No exaggeration. It was fun and low stress. The only time that was a little trying was when Rosie and I came back to the hostel a little earlier than everyone else (although it was still pretty late, about 1:30) and we thought we were locked out of the hostel. After about 20 min of searching for a way into the building… which included knocking on windows and ringing every buzzer on the street, we saw that there was a key slot to unlock the front door. STRUGGLE.

Then midterms happened. They weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. I hope I did well. We’ll see this week.

Then we went on our school travel excursion to Prague.

Prague: What a cool city. So rich with history and a flavor that is truly unique. I had a really nice time there, and aesthetically, Prague is definitely my favorite city thus far. I spent a lot of time with my art history class during the day, which was fine by me. Besides the fact that I am gaining a rapid appreciation for Renaissance Art, I got to spend a lot of time with Rob and Dulcia. They know and care so much about what they are teaching us, and it continues to inspire me. They also always took the whole class out for drinks after a long day looking and churches and museums. Also the first night, I got to go with a bunch of other Emerson students to see the Cezch Philharmonic Orchestra perform the Rite of Spring and Alpine Symphony. It was wonderful. Alexis would have really liked it. It was nice to hear a piece of music from the Ballet Russe because we had just finished learning about it in World Drama. Hmm what are other high lights from Prague— We were all staying in apartments, and one night about 25 of us decided to have a pot luck dinner which was really nice. I really enjoy it when a whole bunch of the Kasteel kids are in a room together loving each other, because beyond this trip, I don’t think all of us will be in a room together again.

Our last day of the school excursion, which was Monday, we went to Terizen, one of the transfer ghettos from the Holocaust. It was tough. For a large part of the tour I was very angry. It’s hard for me to believe that people, who constantly bring life into the world can create so much hate. And why are certain people targeted? For as much as I learned about the Holocaust through out my life, nothing could have prepared me for that. That being said, I had the bus ride back into the city to decompress, which I needed, and then completely purged of all bad emotions Justin, Ashley, Rosie and I started off on the second half of our break, the independent travel break. We spent another night in Prague because our train didn’t leave until the next morning, so we went out, which proved to be pretty silly on a Monday night, but they took me to the infamous 5 story club, which I didn’t get to go to with the big group because I stayed in that night. What a silly weird place. There were a lot of British students, that were vulgar and weird. This one boy, who was a pre-med student in South Hampton that we were talking to a the beginning of the night started whipping his penis out as a joke on the dance floor. Crude crude crude. I yelled at him. No one is going to wave their penis in the general direction and get away with it.

The next morning began the 20 hour train journey to Croatia, which was not as painful as it sounds. When you’re in good company the train rides fly by. We also we on the train over night so we slept. Croatia was not exactly what we were expecting but that is not bad. It was colder then the forecast said it was going to be, and we were staying a little outside the city of Zadar, and because it wasn’t peek season it was a little more difficult to get around. We did A LOT of walking on streets that weren’t really meant for walking (including the interstate). We slept a lot which we all really needed. We also made friends with the woman who works at the local pizza grill. Her name is Valiaria and she really took a liking to us. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it is because we asked her how to say thank you, or we smiled or she just thought we were silly American children, but either way she sat down and drank with us, and told us about her life in Croatia, and then gave us her address so we can write her letters and send her pictures of the Kasteel. I think meeting her was one of the highlights of the trip for sure. I also just had a really nice time with the people I was traveling with. I’m glad I went.
That would bring me to right now, seeing as I’m on the train home from Croatia (we’re about 18 hours in)

I guess there is one more thing that I should bring up:
The kasteel made a Single Ladies music video that we submitted to a contest with Beyonce. The winner gets their video shown every night of the tour. Our video is EPIC. Almost everyone in the Kasteel came together to learn the dance or work on production or whatnot. I’ll post the link once we know the outcome of the competition because I don’t want to jeopardize our chances of winning.

I’ll update better now. I promise.

I miss everyone from Boston and home though. If you took the time to read this whole think I probably miss you. Hope you all are doing well!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Oh my.

The past couple of days have been pretty interesting. I am going to give you all of the details pretty candidly, because I think that it is the proper thing to do. If you are all going to take the time to read my blog, I'll tell you all the things I did...
that being said:

The rest of my week at the castle was good. My classes are going to be A LOT of work. A LOT A LOT of reading. Much more then I've ever gotten in Boston, but it's okay. We're in Europe.
On Friday morning, bright and early, we all got on a bus for a school trip to Amsterdam. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to let 83 Emerson students roam around Amsterdam together is a very, very silly person, but we all made it through the weekend with out being arrested or dead, or something like that.

We arrived in Amsterdam at about 11 am, and dropped our bags off at the hostel. From there we split up into groups of 12 or 13 and were lead on walking tours around the city. Amsterdam in BEAUTIFUL. Full of canals and bikers and scary trams. Everyone there is so pleasant and despite the cold the city was alive with people walking around enjoying the sunny weather. On the tour, our guide took us on a little detour through the red light district. She never told us the moment when we crossed over into the district so I almost fainted when all the sudden I looked over and saw a women in her lingerie dancing in a window. It was kind of unsettling. We were dropped off in Dam Square (one of the main squares in the city where the dam used to be... hence the name) and we had about an hour on our own for lunch. We sat in the square and ate the lunches that were provided for us by the hostel and waited for the rest of the group to reconvene. After that we all went to the Rijksmuseum with everyone. There my art history group split off on our own and we were lead around the museum by Dulica. I don't know how to quite put this into words, but after touring around the museum with her I have a new found apreciation for art. I have NEVER in my life felt this way about the fine arts before (clearly I have always been passionate about theater) but for the first time I feel so utterly conneted wtih the cultural signifigance of a peice of art and I LOVE IT. So thank you Dulica.

After the Rijksmuseum we were taken to an Indonesian restaurant for a group dinner… which was DELICIOUS. And then we were on our own. I guess this is where things get a little racey?
Flash forward two hours later, and I was at a live sex show… with about 30 of my classmates. I won’t really go into the details of it, but it was HILARIOUS. They played to the fact that there were 30 college students there, and it was just a lot of fun, as crude as it was.

The next day in the morning we all went to the Amsterdam historical museum which had a really cool lay out. Hilary, Lily and I had the BEST falafel ever for lunch, and then a couple students from my art history class when to the museum at the University of Amsterdam to look at sculptures from the Greek and Roman Era, led by Rob Duckers. Rob is just as amazing as Dulcia, and is quickly making me LOVE all art. We did such a good job identifying the sculptures as Greek and Roman that he took us out for a bottle of champagne. Let me tell you, the 8 of us that were there felt so damn cultured talking about art in the middle of a nice hotel with a glass of champagne with our art history professor. It was wonderful.

That night a big group of us went to an improv show. Boom Chicago was the name of the company, they are American based but in Amsterdam. The show was fun, but more fun was finding out that one of the improvisers not only went to Emerson, but went to the Castle in the Fall of 2000. Awesome. After that everyone went out dancing. IT WAS A BLAST.
Traveling in such a big group was VERY stressful, but it was also really fun getting to hang out with everyone from the castle.

The next morning, Rosie, Justin, Ashley and I missed the tour to the Jewish history museum, which is upsetting, but I am going to see both that and the Anne Frank house with my parents when they come in March so it’s fine. We were responsible for our own travel back, so we just decided to get on a train then and head back to the castle. We were WIPED from a busy weekend. The train ride was VERY peaceful. The four of us just sat and talked and enjoyed each others company and laughed about how silly we were in middle school and found out that when you poop in the bathroom it just lands on the train tracks (Nicole, that fun fact is for you).
Being back at the castle has been good. Just doing work and recharging for Paris in a couple of days. We leave Thursday night, and I AM SO VERY EXCITED.
I guess that’s it for now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Venray? Travel booking?

We are all starting to acclimate over here. 

Classes are in full swing. Its nice to go down to the lounges and see people reading books for school, although I'm fairly sure that will get old fast. right? It always does. 

My ethics class seems pretty interesting. It's a lot about ethics and philosophy in the realm of biology. People tell me the professor, Bianca is pretty tough, which is fine. Although in class yesterday, many people were distracted by the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Immature, I know, but I do recall someone telling us this when we signed up for the class. Welcome to Europe?

Last time I updated, I mentioned that I was going to Venlo with a couple of people to check things out. OMPH. Did that turn into an adventure...
My friend Ben and I were going to go to Venlo, which is about 45 min away from the castle. We asked around at dinner, told people they were more than welcome to come, and that we were meeting to leave at 6:45. We got a group of about 10 together, everyone met us, and right as we were about to leave EVERYONE bailed out. I'm not quite sure what their reasoning was, (I think some wanted to say here and go to the bar, or too tired, or whatnot) but all the sudden it was just Ben and I. Which was fine because Ben is good company. While walking to the bus stop, we decided to just go and check out Venray (which is only 20 min away) instead. So we're sitting at the bus stop, it's FREEZING cold, and the bus just isn't coming. 
Finally after about 25 min we see the bus that we need, and when it pulls up, the driver opened the door and told us he was off duty so we needed to wait for the next bus that was coming in 5 min. 
Flash forward another 10 min. Ben and I are starting to freeeeeeze, so we decide to just call it a night and head back. I also realize that I couldn't find my strippenkart. Strippenkarts are bus tickets... they're kind of weird and hard to explain, but imagine a charlie card and a plain old ticket fused into one. Anywhoo, we start to walk back, pretty defeated, and we get about 40 feet down the street when we see the next bus coming, so we start to RUN down the street, and as we were running, I found the strippenkart! It had lodged itself between my arm and the sleeve of my shirt. We get on the bus, high five, and start to thaw out. The people giving us directions to Venray, told us to get off at the Venray station. So we see the stop for Venray station, get off the bus, and proceed to walk around, looking for a court yard to walk through, which apparently leads you to the center of Venray. There was NO courtyard in sight. Ben and I walked around for like 40 min looking for downtown Venray. We couldn't decide if the girl that gave us directions was high, or bad at giving directions or what, but all we knew is that we were cold and lost. Finally we saw a nice young man on the street and we asked him how to get to where we wanted to go. He laughed at us, and told us we were about 3 km away, and had to go to the Venray BUS STATION. Someone could have clarified that for us. WOOF. So we go back to the train station and waited for the next bus, which wasn't coming for another half hour. It was fun though. We played the movie game while we waited and laughed about how silly this night was turning out. Finally the bus came, and we took it the three more stops to Venray (at this point it was about 9pm) The reason that we kept going, and didn't turn back around to Well was because everyone told us that the shops and whatnot closed at 10. We had come this far and we wanted to at least have an hour in Venray before heading home. So we get off the bust at about 8:50 and walk into the center of Venray. NOTHING WAS OPEN. There was a group of middle school aged boys hanging out in the center of the square who told us that everything closed early on Mondays. 

All that Ben and I could do was laugh. At least we made it to Venray.

That was two nights ago. 
Last night was spent primarily planning our first weekend trip after Amsterdam. It was originally Switzerland, which has been pushed back a few weeks due to train issues, and is now Paris. The group of Switzerland people (Me, Katie Jo, Cherlynn, Stella, Rachel and Stephen) have split up for this weekend (Katie and Rachel are going to London, Cher and Stephen are going to Scotland, and Stella is going with someone else to Copenhagen) and I have decided to go to Paris with Justin, Rosie, Ashley, Kirin and Kelly. I am VERY excited, they are a fun group, and Paris feels like the perfect first destination. So we all sat around trying to figure out the best way to plan this trip... it was VERY stressful. We couldn't figure out how to book the trains because the instructions they gave us during orientation were very confusing, and the web sites were all in dutch, and we were busy crunching numbers trying to figure out what was the cheapest way to stay in the city. 
So far though, it seems to have worked out BEAUTIFULLY.
We rented an apartment, for three nights, right in the heart of Paris, and it only costs about 57 per person for all three nights, which is cheaper then any hostel we found, and way closer to all the action. I also called the train people and booked our trains, and everything was way easier then they made it sound. There was a reservation fee, but I was expecting that. So lalala. We are going to Paris in two weekends. YES!

Also, I pretty much worked out my travel plans for the rest of the semester. I didn't mean to, but they just worked out that way. Here is the tentative list:

1/30-2/01: Amsterdam (with school)
2/5-2/8: Paris (Justin, Rosie, Kirin, Kelly, Ashley)
2/13-2/15: Dublin (Katie Jo, Stella, Cher, Stephen, Rachel... and I think some others will also be there that weekend)
2/20-2/22: Switzerland (Rosie and Ashley) That's Carnivale so we want to be back on Sunday for the festivities. 
2/27-3/1: Vienna? (Somewhere with Michael, Hilary, Kayla, Lauren, Lily)
3/6-3/10: Prague with school
3/10-3/15: Travel Break- UK  (Stella and Bettina... AND RYAN AND LAURA COME FROM US!)
3/20-3/22: Copenhagen (MJ, Cher)
3/27-3/29: Berlin (Katie Jo and Bettina... Kappa weekend :) )
4/3-4/5: Barcelona (Katie Jo, Bettina, Ashley, Justin, Cher... a lot more people are going that weekend)
4/8-4/13 (Easter weekend): Greece (Katie Jo, Bettina, Cher, Michael?)
then the last weekend is Exams. then home. 

clearly this is all subject to change, but this is what it looks like for now. lalala. 

alright. I should get dressed and ready for lunch! 
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 26, 2009

End of Orientation and first day of classes

So, I have officially entered school mode. Classes started today, but my World Drama class, which was supposed to happen tonight was cancelled for the evening because our professor is sick. Such is life. Instead of having class, most of us in that class (which consists of the performing arts majors that are here this semester) are going to Venlo, a town near by to check it out and see what's around. 

I guess before I get to that I'll recap the past couple of days and my class this morning:

Saturday night they had a Spanish guitar duet concert for us in Sophie's lounge and then we went back to the Linden (there isn't much else to do on a Saturday night in Well), and we had a lot of fun. Pretty much everyone from Emerson was there, as well as the enitre town of Well. They were in the process of choosing the theme song for Carnivale (which is in about a month) and it was a blast. We danced in dutch conga lines, everyone got up on the pool table and danced, it was a good time for everyone. 

Then sunday was back to orientation stuff...
So the rest of Orientation was actually pretty fun. Sunday we had sessions about the academics here at the castle with Dulica, who my love for is growing more and more with every time that she talks to us, as well as sessions on how to plan trips and Dutch traditions. There we learned how to sing happy birthday in Dutch, (there are videos of us singing to Michael on picassa). We had about two hours between the meetings about the castle and when we were going to meet to walk over to dinner, so Bettina, Katie Jo, Cherylynn, Stella, Lauren and Ilanna and I went on a little walk around the Kasteel to take pictures. (You can see them all: Then it was off to a dinner and wine reception thrown for us by the school at Da Grote Waay. Da Grote Waay is a restaurant and inn owned by Nellie and her family. Nellie is the woman who does all the catering for the Kasteel and she's wonderful. 

Dinner was good fun, as was the reception, which was really everyone just sitting around drinking some wine, but it has been nice to sit down with all the people here and really get to know them. I am enjoying the company of everyone on this trip so much. I cannot wait to begin traveling to places with people. Bettina, and our friends Ben, Ashley, Rosie, Michael, Clay and I have some plans for Amsterdam already. We also are about to book our trains to Switzerland, and our apartment in Paris (how fun!)

My first class this morning was Art History: Renaissance and Baroque with Dulica, and Rob Dukers. Dulica taught the class today, and as I said before this woman AMAZES me. I love her and her logic. I've only had once class with her so far, but her logic is sensible and I am excited to hear what she has to day. 

I guess that's about all for now. 
Just some bumming around until dinner and then Venlo tonight. 
I miss the people in Boston, but at the same time, I can tell that I am NEVER going to want to leave this place.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello all.
So I am writing this on Saturday, although I won’t get internet until Monday (because I had some trouble with my anti virus software), so now I have to wait until Hubert, the groundskeeper, who I will get to in a minute, comes back to the castle to get me online. Not that I am complaining…. because I am currently living in a tower, in a castle, in The Netherlands. WHAT?

I guess I should start off talking about the journey over here and the things that have gone on in the first 30 or so hours since arriving in Well.

The epic day started at 9 am on the 22nd at Emerson, where we had an orientation with the head of external programs, who I am lead to believe doesn’t really know much about the program. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good resource, but he didn’t even begin to skim the surface of what it was going to be like once we got here, granted how could you? After this info session/orientation, it was a whirlwind of saying my last goodbyes in Boston. My parents, a group of Kappas (and Kelly), and myself all went to CPK for lunch, and then it was time to load the busses. Saying goodbye to everyone was tough because it really hit me that life was going to move on in Boston and I wouldn’t be there. I know that sounds narcissistic, but I mean that everyone will be making fun memories at school that I won’t be able to share. That feeling died down pretty soon after the busses pulled out of school though because I realized that I was on my way to make my own memories in Europe.

The airport was pretty painless. It took everyone a little bit to get checked in, but once we all got through to the gate we had about an hour and a half until boarding the plane. Katie Jo, Stella and I bought pretty ghetto watches at Hudson news. We all forgot to pack ours, and we realized that it was pretty essential, followed but a stomach churning meal at the food court and then it we were off to Amsterdam.

A little under six hours later we arrived in Amsterdam. We all made it in one piece, although one girl on our trip left her passport in the seat pocket of the airplane and had to run back to get it. It was pouring rain when we got there, which made it interested loading on to the buses, but tired and soaked we boarded the two coaches (very similar to those buses we would fill on Price-Bralow-Friedburg trips) and drove to Well. It was about a two and a half (ish… I think) hour drive, and most of us slept for about an hour of it. It was surreal falling asleep looking at the rainy skies and construction that was happening right outside Amsterdam, and waking up (although still drizzling) to sheep and windmills. Wow. We all started to get pretty jazzed when we saw signs for Nijmegen, Venray and Venlo, the places that we have heard about from past castle dwellers as the towns near by Well, and then finally we started to see signs for Well. Everyone on the bus started to squeal, as we drove through the main street of Well. No one was standing in the street waving at us (like David Griffin said) but that was fine because all the sudden we were parked outside the outer moat of Kasteel Well.

The castle is amazing. I cannot even begin to describe all of it. I know a good handful of people who have been to the castle already, and none of their pictures or descriptions came close to truly capturing the feeling of this place. (Although, Caitlin, you did a pretty good job breaking it down for me ☺) We all helped unload everyone’s luggage off the busses and we stored it in the parking lot and headed into the Barbetta room (which is kind of like a big lecturish hall) for a Welcome from Dulcia. Dulcia is the director of the castle program and I have only heard AMAZING things about her. From the little bit that I have met of her, I can see why. She is so friendly and excited about us being here. I cannot wait to talk to her more and have her as a teacher. After the welcome we headed down to lunch, and on our way down we saw a list with all of our room assignments on it. Clearly, being nosey, I peaked at it and saw next to me and my other two roommates names TW2. I knew that MC stood for Main Castle, VB stood for Voorburcht (which is this U shaped building that surrounds the castle…. Which is the building that I live in), NW which stood for New Wing (also in the VB) so Cherylynn, one of my roommates, and I deduced that we were living in the tower. AMAZING. After lunch they showed us to our rooms, Rachel (yes I live with the only other Rach(a)el on this trip), Cherylynn and I got to our room, and it was this tiny green door in the wall with our names on it (I’m posting pictures on picasa, so you can really get a feel for it) and when you open it, and by it, I mean the huge cast-iron latch that is the doorknob,  there is a set of steep, narrow wooden stairs (also there are pictures). At the top of the stairs is another door, and through that door is our amazing, wonderful, awesome, beautiful room. It’s a circle (duh, we’re living in a castle tower) with five windows with three of them have window seats, accents of grey and red and an extra dresser because the room is sometimes used as a quad. (look a the pictures, I’m not doing this room justice) When the three of us walked in, we dropped all of our stuff and started to jump around from excitement. Literally jump.

Since then they have been keeping us pretty busy with orientation stuff. We were done with the programming last night after dinner, so we all (well most of us) decided to check out the Linden, which is one of two bars here in Well, and the one that is frequented most by Emerson students. Jack, the owner was very excited to see that the Emerson kids were back in town, and after giving us a short intro and talk about American Night at the bar (which we are all pretty excited about) we all sat around and enjoyed a pretty tame night of trying Dutch beers and getting to know each other.

I’m sure that’s all you can handle for now, this is getting to be pretty lengthy, but I will keep this updated to the best of my abilities.
And in case anyone was wondering: for now my travel weekends look like this:
1) Jan 30th- Feb 1st: Amsterdam (school excursion)
2) Feb 6th-8th: Gyron, Switzerland
3) Feb 13th-15th Paris, France (on Valentines day… I know)
4) Feb 21st-22nd staying in Well for Carnival
Also on the list is the UK for our extended travel break—Stella and I are meeting up with our friends Ryan and Laura in London for a few days, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Barcelona, Greek Islands (Easter weekend), Bruges and Brussels and of course Prague on our other school excursion.
Hope you all are doing well! I miss everyone a lot. If the mood so strikes you feel free to email me ( I would LOVE to hear from all of you and will do my best to respond.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


I guess this will be the best way for everyone to keep up with my travels while I am abroad this semester.

That being said... I don't leave for another month, so until then....