Monday, January 26, 2009

End of Orientation and first day of classes

So, I have officially entered school mode. Classes started today, but my World Drama class, which was supposed to happen tonight was cancelled for the evening because our professor is sick. Such is life. Instead of having class, most of us in that class (which consists of the performing arts majors that are here this semester) are going to Venlo, a town near by to check it out and see what's around. 

I guess before I get to that I'll recap the past couple of days and my class this morning:

Saturday night they had a Spanish guitar duet concert for us in Sophie's lounge and then we went back to the Linden (there isn't much else to do on a Saturday night in Well), and we had a lot of fun. Pretty much everyone from Emerson was there, as well as the enitre town of Well. They were in the process of choosing the theme song for Carnivale (which is in about a month) and it was a blast. We danced in dutch conga lines, everyone got up on the pool table and danced, it was a good time for everyone. 

Then sunday was back to orientation stuff...
So the rest of Orientation was actually pretty fun. Sunday we had sessions about the academics here at the castle with Dulica, who my love for is growing more and more with every time that she talks to us, as well as sessions on how to plan trips and Dutch traditions. There we learned how to sing happy birthday in Dutch, (there are videos of us singing to Michael on picassa). We had about two hours between the meetings about the castle and when we were going to meet to walk over to dinner, so Bettina, Katie Jo, Cherylynn, Stella, Lauren and Ilanna and I went on a little walk around the Kasteel to take pictures. (You can see them all: Then it was off to a dinner and wine reception thrown for us by the school at Da Grote Waay. Da Grote Waay is a restaurant and inn owned by Nellie and her family. Nellie is the woman who does all the catering for the Kasteel and she's wonderful. 

Dinner was good fun, as was the reception, which was really everyone just sitting around drinking some wine, but it has been nice to sit down with all the people here and really get to know them. I am enjoying the company of everyone on this trip so much. I cannot wait to begin traveling to places with people. Bettina, and our friends Ben, Ashley, Rosie, Michael, Clay and I have some plans for Amsterdam already. We also are about to book our trains to Switzerland, and our apartment in Paris (how fun!)

My first class this morning was Art History: Renaissance and Baroque with Dulica, and Rob Dukers. Dulica taught the class today, and as I said before this woman AMAZES me. I love her and her logic. I've only had once class with her so far, but her logic is sensible and I am excited to hear what she has to day. 

I guess that's about all for now. 
Just some bumming around until dinner and then Venlo tonight. 
I miss the people in Boston, but at the same time, I can tell that I am NEVER going to want to leave this place.

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